We are aware of the difficulties that modest women have been experiencing for long time. The range of the modest wear has been visibly developed recently. However there has always been an absent feature in the modest swimwear collections. 

We have strived to determine the swimwear criteria of the modest women with a detailed market research and created our collections in line with their needs.

One of the criteria we have determined is the expectance of chicness. A modest swimsuit should be chic enough to wear on the beach and in a café or during the other activities. We have prepared our collections bearing the latest fashion trends in our mind and considering your expectation of chicness and comfort. The latest textile technologies are used to weave our quick-dry fabrics in order to meet all your needs.

We always prioritise your sensitive values about clothing and bring chicness and comfort together considering these values. We aim for being different than all of the other modest swimwear collections with our collar pattern which keeps its form in water, with our chlorine and salt resistant fabrics, with swim-friendly patterns and with our modern and unique designs.


We would like to present you the highest quality products with reasonable prices in our 2019 modest swimwear collection. During the summer of 2019 we are with you with our models that you can wear without compromising from your chicness, values and comfort.


We believe every woman has right to be chic.


HALIC SwimwearTeam